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About Deviant Member William M. R. Bozóki al-Saigh23/Male/Sweden Groups :iconalternate-worlds: Alternate-Worlds
In the sea of time
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Endoglottonym: Varghat
Exoglottonym: Whorgish (English); Hvargiska (Icelandic); Kvorgisk (Norwegian); Woorgsch (Low German)
Writing System: Urwitic alphabet
Romanization: Yes (based on Scandinavian orthographies)
A priori or a A posteriori: A priori
Language Family: Urucayan > West Urucayan > Creegric > Transquaparian
Dialects: N/A
Phonology: 8 Vowels, 41 Consonants
Word Order: VOS (primarily)

Classes: 9 (People; Animals; Vegetation; Sealife; Seaplants; Artefacts; Substances; Non-solids; Abstractions)
Numbers: 0
Cases: 9 (Ergative; Absolutive; Possessive; Locative; Vocative; Allative; Ablative; Adversive; Instrumental)
Articles: 0

Tenses: 0
Aspects: 3 (Perfect; Continuous; Generic)
Moods: 3 (Negative; Imperative; Prohibitive)
Voices: 0
Transitivity: 2 (Transitive; Ditransitive)
Whorgish language outline
A basic outline of Whorgish, a (con)language spoken by an Orcish people called Whorrogs in Calasset.
  • Listening to: Cécile Corbel - Rain
So my last half-year of absence can be explained by my dad pulling the plug on our Internet connection. Now, however, I've moved away from home to mine own place in Lund, where they also provide a very beneficial high-speed connection for free! Life is good. ^^

So yeah, I'm back... again. XD


William M. R. Bozóki al-Saigh
Hi! I'm an odd little fellow from a distant land far across the sea, called Sweden (unless you're from Europe, then I'm just from the cold north). Like most people, I like a bunch of things. Public transport, for example. However, hereon I mostly upload my maps and flags and sometimes mine odd conlang. They're relatively recent hobbies of mine (except for flags, loved those for as long as I can remember), but they're all my biggest ones. My favourite genres include fantasy, sci-fi and althistory, not to mention a number of computer game and anime fandoms. I've got a conworld I'm working on, for which I'm in the process of developing language families and creating maps, with plans for publishing stories in book form, though that'll FAAAAAAR into the future.

Aside from mine interestes, I'm taking a translations master at the moment and plan on learning multiple languages in the future, hoping to become a capable translator. So if you happen to be an aspiring writer yourself aiming to get your speculative fiction novel published someday, think of me when you get it out, and I might help you spread it further. I'd be more than happy to. ;)

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ChaircarMao Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015
Why you have such an avatar?
mdc01957 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
Speaking of that old Monarchy Over the Danube, here's a taste of the future:…

Also, belated happy birthday!
Twiggierjet Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
Happy birthday!
Nederbird Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
Thanks! :)
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No prob. :)
AlexJudge Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
I like the Hrek ideas, can we expect anything else soon?
Nederbird Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
That you can! Though I'm not so sure about the "soon" part. XD

But I've a lot planned for the world, including languages, regional maps and a I've ideas for a number of fics that I'm hoping to put on paper sooner or later. Not to mention the addition of anthropomorphic species, such as gnolls, or descriptions or peoples, countries and cultures that inhabit the world.
AlexJudge Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
Are there any pictures of the races in the works?
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